Is Christianity the only way?

19 Jun

Time and time again, I come to the point where I question, am I believing the truth?  Is what I believe any different from that of a Muslim?  Muslims believe their way is the only way, and many Christians believe the same about their religion .  I think that there is way too much quarreling between the two groups as to who is right.  I think there are some Muslims who do not really care whether you believe in Christianity and even think you could go to heaven if you’re a Christian.  They may even adopt the fact that Jesus was God and that He came to die for the sins of the world.  On the other hand, I do believe that you can’t be a Christian and take the Muslim view of good works as the final determination of whether you go to have.  That is just too dissimilar and contradictory with the idea that Christ died for our sins.  That is not to say that we Christians can adopt some view shared by Muslims, such as do good, for you’ll earn your reward in heaven (which is separate from the idea of salvation by works; salvation precedes the ability earn rewards, and one cannot even start to earn them unless one is qualified to be in heaven, by being justified by Christ’s atonement for one’s sins). I end with one more thought: Jesus said “I’m the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  No man comes to the Father except through me. ”  Now that is a big divider of religions for many people.  A lot of Christians think that based on this, those who do not accept Him as the only way to God, cannot come to God.  However, I don’t believe that’s what it means.  Whether you believe that fact or not, is not a determinant of your salvation.  However, it’s a different statement to say that if Jesus doesn’t actually lead you, then you cannot dome to God.  I’ve heard of Muslims who never were introduced to the name of  “Jesus” by Christians, however, I believe they were enlightened by Him through dreams/visions.  I think those who never heard the Gospel aren’t necessarily doomed just because they hadn’t believed in “Jesus”, as long as Jesus saves them in the end.


Just when I was going to go to sleep ….

17 Jun

OK, my computer didn’t shut off as I expected and my internet was still on, unexpectedly, so I thought might as well, write a short thought of the day on my blog: Lying is overrated!  Lying has become a norm in America.  It’s your little excuse to get you through a conversation with a bothersome friend or customer, or to make you look less ugly or inappropriate than you actually are, or to protect yourself from an onslaught of questions or suspicions about you.   Whatever the reason, most reasons for lying are really not very good.  Continuing with this thought later.  Now to bed 🙂

Where has America gone?

8 Jun

Continuing on with what I was thinking that morning (during the “flood” of thoughts)…How really superficial the American society, at least the popular culture has become; people are obssessed with “perfection” on the outward appearance (such as physical beauty/strength, conduct, abilities, possessions, status) and neglect the inward beauty (as in virtues) as long as it doesn’t disrupt the outward appearance.  Also, just because religion doesn’t make sense doesn’t justify a person to abandon the idea of God or religion altogether.  What happened to selecting and owning certain truths which is common to many religions or even which resonates with your lifestyle or personal convictions, such as “do to others as you would have them do to you” or “you’ll reap what you sow” or “he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed”?  Let’s not throw Christianity or God out the window just because we think some of the Bible is wrong.  OK moving on to other random thoughts after that “flood” incident:  people say that Christianity is narrow-minded.  Maybe it’s b/c Christians are stressing too much on the this-is-the-only-way-to-God idea or that you believe everything (that the Bible is the inerrant word of God) or else you’re not one of us which makes it seem narrow-minded.   I think this is a stumbling block Christians put on there too aggressively for non-Christians. Maybe it’s those Christians which represent  the general Christian church as narrow-minded rather than the religion itself.   Looking at several verses, like “I am the way…no man comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6), “For God so loved the world…that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16), “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” (Romans 10:13) “If we confess our sins, He…will purify us of all unrighteousness,” (1 John 1:9) a Hindu or Buddhist could seem to believe these truths without rejecting his own religion so it doesn’t seem a large step from Christianity.  Although the significant difference is that Jesus is God in the form of man, I’m thinking that even these seemingly common truths cannot be believed unless you believe in Jesus.  For example, a Jew wouldn’t really believe in God or call on Him unless he believed that Jesus was God in the flesh.  I think vice versa may also  be the case, that you can’t believe in Jesus unless you believe those truths.  In other words, you can’t have one without the other, or you either believe all of those truths or you don’t believe an of them at all.   Therefore, Christianity may really not be as narrow-minded as it seems.

My FIRST official “thought of the day/week” EVER on my 1st blog :)

6 Jun

OK here it (or actually a “series” of insights) goes….I was tossing and turning in my bed from “insomnia” early this morning (way before I’d usually get out of bed) when suddenly a FLOOD of thoughts crossed my mind in an constant, unstoppable manner.  One of those thoughts is the idea of creating this blog 🙂  Now I’m not going to list those other ideas in the order they arrived but here they are:  How about structuring  my “company” with two different marketing schemes OR starting another company altogether with a greater emphasis on my “vision” or “ideals” (b/c somehow, despite all my marketing do various neighborhoods, there has been a lack of response or interest in my services)…this country is going down the drain b/c of all the focus on outward appearance/money/materialism in this age….I haven’t gotten much response from schools I’ve contacted for violin lesson referrals b/c they just don’t “bother” to be “nice” by at least replying to my e-mails to them.  What happened to the idea of being charitable to those who are asking you for a favor, especially those who have the same interests as you, as in my case, teaching music?   And if we can’t actually help them, at least why can’t we be courteous enough to respect that they actually asked us by acknowledging that we have received their e-mail?   Gone are those days, it seems.   The lack of “niceness” in society nowadays doesn’t stop there: take phone calls..people who miss your calls but who receive your voice message don’t even call back when they know that I’m expecting to hear from them concerning the “issue” between us within a few days.  For example, I was told by “Stella” (let’s pretend that’s her name) that a website would be created for me, with many perks such as free credit swiping, calendar booking, etc, but which after a few weeks hadn’t yet be constructed, so I left a voice message last week to follow-up on the process, but still she hasn’t called me back!   Take another example, I was told by a new student that she would pay me a package of several lessons on Sunday.  On that day, she didn’t show up to the lesson (which was at her house!) AND then when she returns she doesn’t apologize for standing me up for 2 hours and she says she doesn’t have the money.  I ask her if she’s still OK with the rate, and she says “yeah”.  Then I asked her how she didn’t get my phone calls, to which she responded she doesn’t know where her phone is and “I’m busy now…I’ll call you tomorrow.”  OK now that’s borderline, but THIS is my main complaint: she doesn’t call me the next day…and the next…and the next…AND then, when I call her and even when I leave 2 voice messages a day and another day after that, she still has NOT returned my call!!!  What happened to HOLDING to “promises” or at least to your “plan” to do what you said you would do???  And even if you can’t follow through, at least own up to your “change of plans”!  We need to learn how to say sorry sometimes, even if it’s not really our fault.

Hello world! This is so UNLIKE FACEBOOK :)

5 Jun

I have created this blog in hope of being more transparent about my thoughts, feelings, convictions, and experiences in daily life.  Happy reading and contemplating!  Check back here every few days or even every day for my new posts!  Hopefully I’ll get a rhythm going so I have at least one new post every few days!  Since I’m religious and spiritual there will be a lot of  posts along these lines.  Unlike FACEBOOK, which focuses on what a person is doing or has done (focusing on the outward appearance of things) and at most one’s relationships, I will dwell on what a person IS and what a person BELIEVES, specifically those of myself.  Facebook really isn’t a forum for people to discuss “heavy” topics, and it’s so “busy”  or media-saturated that no one really has the time to focus on the ideas of one specific person, but here you can really get to know me (at the same time, as a disclaimer I won’t be focusing on what I do, or what happened to me or my personal life, that’s where Facebook comes in OR  to give a plug for my website, 🙂 ).  I will also comment on current events and the state of the society/culture we live in.  Feel free to share my link with your friends or those you know may be interested, and stay tuned for more!  Thank you very much for reading!!! 🙂